Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Siddled Mail.

Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Siddled Mail.
Please visit the following webpages to find for setting up your Siddled Mail account.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Express

Mozilla Thunderbird


Important Note; The new email system uses an SMTP relay to send messages. This relay service is limited to 250 addressees per day. This means if you send [1] email with [8] recipients (cc's and bcc's count) you have used 8 of your 250 for that day. I highly recommend that if your ISP allows you to transmit mail through their servers that you set it up that way.

This system is also limited to 10Mg storage. I recommend that you set your mail up to download to your computer hard drive or you plan on actively managing your account to remain below the 10Mg limit.

This system also has advanced SPAM filters which work very well. SPAM filters are enabled by default on your account. If you would like to change your SPAM settings or disable the filter please access your control panel through the webmail interface.


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